Are You frustrated with your current themes? Wish you could completely change things even minor details and tweak it so that it looks 'just right' without having to buy up $100s worth of themes to find one that does what you want?

I know exactly how you feel that's why I spent a boat load to get these themes developed... I got so sick of trying to find the perfect Theme that did what I wanted and wasted so much time trying to tweak the Themes I got by hand that I finally had enough and decided to get them developed...

I wanted All the Themes to have a ton of options including making both major and minor changes which most Theme developers completely over look... they're not internet marketers like we are so how could they know what we want?

What I got back literally shocked me! I couldn't believe how much these Themes could do ...they were better than I ever expected them to be, so I felt the strong need to share them with other Warriors who I'm sure are in the same situation. Instead of pricing these to recoup my investment I decided that nobody should have to struggle like this because they couldn't afford these Themes and that's why I set the price extremely low!

Here's What 3 Of Many Happy Customers Said...

Thank you. Just purchased. These themes have a ton of features for customization if you want. Equally impressive is that for the majority of tweaks you don't need to be technically inclined. The instructional videos are quite detailed but still brief. Jeff has provided some outstanding value with these themes for a very reasonable price.


Two words. Bad @$$.

-James Foster

Well done Jeff,

You're still turning out great stuff!

Wishing you big success with this - you deserve it!


Tons Of Great Features...

Clickable header logo image or text

Customizable header widget area

Customize 404 pages

Option to add search bar to horizontal navigation bar

Customize which links show in nav menu, header, post even 404 pages

Ability to remove parent links from menu

5 Ad blocks with shortcodes for each

More shortcodes for further easy customization

Up to 18 Widget areas including
primary and secondary widget areas (for 2 or 3 column Themes)
special widget area
header widget area
left and right home page widgets
up to 4 widgets above the main content
up to 4 widgets below the main content
up to 4 widgets in the footer

Customize background image or header image

Custom CSS Builder for style elements, background, border, margin & padding, font, positioning and even shadows

Thumbnail image features

Choose when and where you want the sidebar to show up on any and every page and post

Customizable excerpts length & link text

Image sliders as widgets

Choose when and where you want the menu, top and bottom widgets even title to show up on any and every page and post

17 different page templates including
8 magazine style templates
3 home page templates
1 column template
Default Template
2 sitemap options
multi-column template
Page with post

Check out 1 of many possibilities for each Theme...

Note: background gradient doesn't show properly in screenshots below

Stavel Theme ($49 Value)

This Theme is great for Affiliates and CPA marketers since it grabs attention
and looks great even when it's heavily monetized.

Plazlo Theme ($49 Value)

This Theme is awesome for Offline based businesses and others who sell services,
even though it can do a lot of things it provides a professional clean look which
works great ...even for sales and squeeze pages.

Contemplate Theme ($49 Value)

This Theme is great for blogs and magazine sites since it has 2 sidebars not to mention
a bunch of options for widgets and templates making it a great choice for a site
that has a lot going on.

Developers Rights Included ($450 Value)

[YES] Use on as many of your sites as you want

[YES] Use on as many of your clients sites as you want

[YES] Use them on sites you sell on Flippa

[YES] Modify them however you like for you and your clients

Please note you may not resell these themes on their own or as part of a bonus
Some WP Theme developers charge over $1000 for developers rights for 1 Theme!


> Crazy Fast Action Bonus !!
2 Additional Premium Themes With Developers Rights!


100% No Questions Asked Guarantee

Here's what I want you to do. I want you to get your hands on these Themes right now. Try them out for 30 days, contact our support at any time if you have any questions and if you still don't feel that you got a good deal then simple ask for your money back. Please understand that you will be requesting a refund from whomever you sent your payment to



Total Value $995.00
Today's Special Price $17

Act Fast! Price Will Go Up
When I Come To My Senses

Developers Rights to 5 WP Themes Only $17

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Hi Jeff,

I bought this and downloaded everything and installed one of the themes on one of my blogs. Here is an excerpt of the review that goes out to my subscribers:

Overall rating:
This is an excellent product. You are going to get 5 premium Wordpress themes including developer license. The themes are very easy to install and can be customized in many ways.


I Like em: I'll use em, Thanks very much I'm in

-Colin Jeffrey

Grrrrrreeeaaaat Buy!!! THANKS Jeff... for ten bucks this is a LOT of valuable product!

-J. Agnew

I'm just learning Wordpress, but I guess if I gotta use it I might as well have a Bad Ass Theme. LOL I'm in!

-Green Garden Guy

Great themes here Jeff, very nice


I was given a preview of the two bonus themes...and they're just awesome...

Whenever you have custom themes that ACTUALLY WORK and Live up to what they say they'll do, that's worth every penny right there!

Easy to install and the customization options are limitless!!

You receive installing instructions and an easy step-by-step video for your convenience...

Also, if you're technically challenged...these are perfect for you! What a blessing for many!

No way will you have any issues installing these babies...

A Superb value...Jeff has really outdone these for all of us...

Wordpress friendly for your clients or your own sites...
These new themes can do it all!!!

Take a look at the list of benefits on this salespage...and you can believe everyone of them!

Just one hell of a set of will not go wrong with this purchase...

And Jeff's customer service is great...any help you need, he's there for you...right now!

Grab these while the price is so won't be let down this time...

-Nile Vincent

Total Value $995.00
Today's Special Price $17
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*5 Star Customer Support*
Our Help Desk

PS It's clear that this theme bundle is high quality especially for the low price and will allow you to use these Themes on virtually any type of website you have without having to search through dozons of Theme sites and waste $1,000s looking for the Theme that does what you want. Grab your Themes now so you don't waste several hours and $1,000s because you didn't take advantage of this deal today.